Epiq Systems, Inc.

TRUSTe seal
This company is currently a participant in TRUSTe's APEC Privacy Recognition for Processors (PRP) Certification program.

The TRUSTe APEC Processor Certification applies to: Customers’ eDiscovery data processed by Epiq eDiscovery Solutions, Inc. and subsidiaries/affiliates: Epiq Systems, Inc, Epiq Systems Canada ULC, Epiq Systems Germany GmbH, Epiq Systems, Ltd, Epiq Hong Kong, Limited, Epiq Singapore PTE Ltd, Epiq Systems Korea Yuhan Hoesa, Epiq Systems Godo Kaisha, Epiq Systems Limited, Epiq Information Technology (Shanghai) Company Limited, Epiq information Technology (Shenzhen) Limited, and Epiq Systems Australia Pty Ltd.

What the APEC Processor seal means:

Companies who display the APEC Processor seal have demonstrated that their activities as a Personal Information Processor meet the APEC Privacy Recognition for Processors Program Requirements.

TRUSTe monitors ongoing compliance through annual recertifications and complaints received through the Privacy Feedback mechanism.

All companies that display this seal are solely responsible for their own privacy practices and for promptly notifying TRUSTe of any changes that might affect their certification status.

TRUSTe is responsible only for the privacy practices applicable to it as expressly described in the privacy policy for the TrustArc group of companies and is not responsible for the privacy practices of any other company.