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A TRUSTe ajuda as pessoas a clicarem com confiança ao orientá-las para sites confiáveis. As empresas que exibem o selo TRUSTe na política de privacidade de seus sites agem em conformidade com as mais altas normas de proteção de suas informações pessoais.
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TRUSTe powers trust by ensuring businesses adhere to privacy best practices regarding the collection and use of personal information on their websites and apps. If you see the TRUSTe Certified Privacy Seal on a website or app, the company operating that property has met the comprehensive privacy certification requirements established by TRUSTe. The certification process helps ensure the business is transparent about what information they collect and how they use the information; the business provides you with control over what information they collect and how they use that information; and the business is accountable to the practices they outline in their privacy policy statement.

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